If You Want to Escape From Prison, What’s the First Thing You Need to Know?

“If you want to escape from prison, what is the first thing you need to know?”

One student said you need to find the key. One said to get a great attorney (like OJ). One said to convince someone to let them out.

The teacher rolled their eyes, smiled and said no each time. Then the teacher responded after everyone said something. 

“The first you need to know if you want to escape from prison is that you are in prison.”

Self-awareness, understanding and acceptance are on where you are at and why is essential BEFORE you can take highly effective massive action. 

Otherwise you solve for the leaf on the tree and not the root cause. It’s one of the biggest mistakes leaders and managers make.

It’s the first step I share with human resource professionals and other managers on how to build great teams and teamwork.

Understanding your team can be doing better, why that is and what role you have played in it…is step one.

It’s not problem solving because it will happen again otherwise.

History repeats itself until you learn the entire lesson.


When would NOW be a Great Time to Take Action? 🦄

When you want to do in your life: Like Nike – JUST FREAKiNG DO IT. Stop second guessing yourself. Don’t overthink it. Go with your gut.

Stop waiting for a magical 🦄 unicorn to give you permission. (Edit: If you do, 🦄 said GO!!)

Take action. Pivot when necessary. It won’t be perfect, but rarely is it. 

When would NOW be a good time to act?

The NUMBER ONE Reason You Aren’t Reaching Your Goals and Dreams

The ONLY one keeping YOU from your dreams… 


We all need to be reminded of simple things that we know, but forget or create false narratives to make us the victims in our own lives.

Don’t let self-imposed limitations stop you.

Don’t let others define you.

Don’t let the journey derail you.

Don’t let would of, could of or should of be your story.

Go get it. Be resourceful.

So what’s your dream? What’s REALLY stopping you?

Great Managers Are Made, Not Born

Great managers are MADE, not BORN. Invest in yourself and master key skill sets.

You’ll rise to the top because 90%+ of employees won’t.

They’ll hit a ceiling and you’ll keep going because you are curious.

Teamwork, self-awareness and communication are great places to start. 

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Up Your Soft Skills Game to Stand Out and Rise to the Top

Soft skills are key to a successful career no matter your field or industry. Without them, you’ll fail. 

Client, team, manager & company-wide relationships can make/break your success, performance and impact. Up your soft skills game (especially teamwork)—it will make a massive difference in your career trajectory. 

The two key areas that are the root cause for 100% of your next career challenge are rooted in soft skills: self-awareness and teamwork (or team building).

Proactively focuses on these areas and you’ll significant results in 90 days or less. You’ll get promoted and stand out in your career because these areas are the most overlooked and least developed skills.

Here’s just a few data points behind it.

  1. 95% of people think these are self-aware, but only 10-15% are.
  2. 75% of work is done collaboratively. But 70%+ are dysfunctional. 86% of executives say project failure is due to two main reasons: poor communication and teamwork.

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