My Team Building Speech at PRSA Southwest District Conference on Building the Highest Performing Teams in Minutes

You can see above the great discussions that went on today in Houston at the PRSA Southwest District Conference at my presentation on team building.

Click on the above links to the see the small group interactions.

We discussed how to build the highest performing teams today. We also played by team building game, Cards Against Mundanity, in small groups so everyone could interactively experience why these strategies and tools will help them perform, collaborate and communicate much, much better.

Teamwork is the most important soft skill moving forward (slightly ahead of self awareness). It’s the least understood and very few people can run great teams. But it’s a critical skill everyone needs. You aren’t born with it. You have to learn it just like a technical skill and it’s just as complicated. But there are is a fast track process to building great teams. And you can apply it to third parties such as customers, partners, media and analysts. – Get the free PDF game and consider doing either an in-person workshop or assisted remote one. Soon I’ll be launching a physical, poker style cards you can use.

Personal Branding & Workforce of the Future at HackingHR in Houston

Great presentations at Hacking HR in Houston last night by Heather Dulin at National Oilwell Varco (on personal branding – check out my crumpled sheet we filled out last night) & Joti Chandran from HP  (her great work on the workforce of the future). Highly recommend checking it out no matter what your job function. We all walked away with actionable insights and more knowledge about what we bring to the table.

Here is the website to go to their next event:

Hacking HR

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Keynote Speaker at SMB / SHRM Conference in St Louis

Keynote speaker at a small business summit with SHRM in St. Louis on how to build the highest performing teams and maximizing employee engagement. Got the audience of 250 people to play Cards Against Mundanity – the #1 team building game. My 20th speech this year on it. I also spoke to Social Media Dallas. In Houston tomorrow speaking as well. 

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Speaker Testimonial by a Sales Organization

“Jason presented to our AA-ISP NYC, NJ, CT members chapter meeting where Jason conducted an interactive session. I’m still receiving reviews and feedback that he’s a phenomenal speaker and conducted an interactive session keeping everyone engaged and participating. Everyone left the evening with something to impact their teams and individual leadership abilities. I highly recommend Jason.”

Derek Garrard, Head Of Sales Development at Kustomer

Speaking event at Texoma HR Management Association

Great to speak at the Texoma HR Management Association today on maximizing employee engagement, building high performing teams and increasing teamwork, communication and innovation.

We played Cards Against Mundanity (small group team building/performance question-and-answer) to show how quickly you can skyrocket trust.

It’s built off a famous research study where in 45 minutes people built the closest relationships in their lives. 

Trust is everything. It’s THE business performance accelerator. 

Speaking event listing:

I also conduct this as a team building workshop, leadership training and manager training in Dallas, Fort Worth and across the US. (download for free the team building and performance game more than 12000 employees are using).

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Speaking at Social Media Dallas on 4/18 at 6:30pm

I’ll be speaking at Social Media Dallas event on Thurs, April 18 at 6:30pm on building the highest performing & most engaged teams (and on maximizing employee engagement). We will addressing how this specifically affects social media teams, public relations agencies, marketing and advertising professionals and many others.

We will be playing my game Cards Against Mundanity (group question-and-answer game) that skyrockets trust in minutes. It’s based on a research study where participants created the closest relationship in their lives in 45 mins. 1,000 employees have played it in companies such as Amazon, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Gillette, Oklahoma City Thunder, Google & many others.


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