Corporate Team Building Workshop Success Story

Here is another example of what Cards Against Mundanity corporate team building can do for your team and organization. You can also use it as individual and with your interactions with any 3rd parties such as customers, prospects, partners, etc. It also works extremely well for franchise organizations, private equity, venture capital investors, etc.

You can download the game (with instructions) for free and/or inquire about the workshop I conduct. It averages 20%+ increase in trust, team closeness and engagement in 45 minutes. That translates into double-digit increases in key metrics.

What’s the secret: It rockets trust in minutes that would normally take five years or decades (and I have a survey tool to measure it). The key is getting people to vulnerably self-disclose information in a safe environment (which creates psychological safety).

Cards Against Mundanity has been played by more than 10000+ people. It’s being used in leading companies such as Amazon, Southwest Airlines, Ernst & Young, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, PRSA, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Phillips May Corporation, Worldwide Express, CareHere, Oklahoma City Human Resources Society and many others.

“Jason’s presentation was really resourceful and opened up managers at our organization to have conversations on best practices to lead their teams. His workshop and game helped to build cohesion between managers from different departments. Jason has a very interactive approach to his coaching that provided managers to have some practical lessons at the end of the session. We are very fortunate to have him present to our managers, he is an inspiring leadership coach that provided management lessons through his past experiences. I highly recommend Jason’s training sessions and presentations to spark innovation, motivate employees, and improve leadership skills within your organization.”

Patrick Mandapaka, PhD, AICP, Assistant Director, Transportation Department, Houston-Galveston Area Council

Are You Choosing Comfort over Courage?

Here is a great question to ask yourself. “In 2018, what percentage of the time did I choose courage over my comfort zone?”

Courage will require you to be vulnerable. It will ensure you make more mistakes. Because the more you move into uncertainty and innovation the more things that can/will not work out (and will require you to pivot).

Courage requires you to do the things you don’t want to do. It requires you to change, grow and look deep in your accountability mirror.

It’s easy to stay in your comfort zone, especially when things are going well. But eventually your skills and abilities will hit a ceiling. It’s a certainty. And if you wait until they do, you’ll be guaranteed frustration and failures.

Did you choose comfort over courage?

Choose courage over comfort in 2019.





What is Your People Development Plan in 2019?

Psychological make-up, self-awareness, values, and relationships between leaders is what drives decision making and developing culture. Both are intentional.

The question for 2019 is….how are your leaders investing in themselves and each other to develop and maximize key skill/mind sets, leadership/management best practices and team/organizational environment?

Everyone has a business plan, but very few have specific development plans based around the business plan. You can’t go where you never have been before based on last year’s thinking.

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One Question Will Boost Your Leadership Success

You’ll be a much more effective leader/manager if you asked one question or ensure your team(s) know this answer:

  • “What does ‘done’ (or successfully completely) look like to you?” 

Clarifying what done looks like can proactively minimize any risk of frustration later.

Don’t try to read people’s minds.

Don’t assume you know.

Take the guesswork out and just ask!

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