How to Build Highest Performing Real Estate Teams (Podcast)

@jasontreu shares what it takes to bring out the best in a team, including tips on building trust with employees and driving them to succeed.💪🌟💯

Jason Treu has worked with some of the best leaders in modern business – people like Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, and Reed Hastings. He helped them unlock hidden potential within their organizations, and he can do the same for you and your real estate team. On today’s podcast, Jason shares what it takes to bring out the best in a team, including tips on building trust with employees and driving them to succeed. Listen and learn how to create company culture that cultivates commitment and excellence at all levels.

Listen and learn from today’s podcast!


  • Jason’s brief bio [2:55]
  • Why team leaders must invest in themselves [4:58]
  • The core components of trust [6:44]
  • How to create a caring atmosphere [9:22]
  • The key to building trust [11:56]
  • What drives committed employees [15:17]
  • One vitally important question to ask each team member [17:42]
  • A great way to give constructive feedback [21:54]
  • Ways to brainstorm more effectively with your team [24:55]
  • Jason’s donation to the Agent Success Toolbox [31:30]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

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14 Best Questions to Use for Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Surveys

When designing an employee engagement and satisfaction survey here are 14 great questions to use. These will give you fantastic insight into the employee experience.

I’ve spent more than two years collecting and examining employee engagement surveys from more than 100+ organizations. Here are the questions that will help your organization the most.

Best 14 Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Questions to Ask

1. I clearly understand what is expected of me at work.

2. I understand how my job contributes to the company achieving it’s goals.

3. In my team, I am surrounded by people who share my values.

4. I have the chance to use my strengths every day at work.

5. My teammates have my back.

6. I know I will be recognized for excellent work.

7. I am excited about the future direction of the company.

8. The company and my manager continually encourage me to improve in my job

9. I love to tell people I work at the company

10. My manager is a great role model for employees.

11. I have access to the learning and development I need to do my job well.

12. I am treated with dignity and respect.

13. I am allowed the freedom to openly discuss an alternative point of view concerning issues at our company/organization with my manager.

14. Do you believe that you, as an employee, benefitted from your last review with your manager?

I recommend using a five point scale.

Let me know if you have any questions on Employee Engagement surveys you love to ask!

Hire For Culture Contribution NOT Fit

Here is another way to look at hiring and culture. Don’t hire new employees based on “culture fit.” Hire them based on “culture contribution.”

Why? You need diverse thinking, experiences and backgrounds so people challenge others and you don’t just hire the same types of people that think alike (ie similarity attraction bias).

You end up creating an “echo chamber” and confirmation bias in your organization where people question less and agree too much.

Cards Against Mundanity Team Building Game (Video) at Minnesota Regional HR Conference – TCSHRM

Speaking in Minneapolis @TCSHRM Spring Conference “All In!” Spoke at Oklahoma State SHRm Conference yesterday. Video clip from small group team building game we played, Cards Against Mundanity, to skyrocket trust in minutes to maximize teamwork, performance, engagement and effort. 

Takes 200-400+ hours to build close work relationships. This does it in 45 minutes. It’s essential for today’s agile workforce and key piece of any “People Strategy”. 

Attendees experienced why this process will work for them & get a tool to use! 

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#1 Question Leaders and Managers Overlook That Causes Them to Fail

99.9% of organizations biggest challenges stem from failing the most fundamental and most overlooked question: “DO I or DON’T I TRUST YOU?” 

1) Do your employee buy-in? No, because they don’t trust the organization, leadership, their manager or someone/something.

2) Why aren’t they communicating, collaborating, problem solving better? 

3) Why aren’t they innovating more?

4) Why aren’t employees performing at their highest level daily?

5) Why aren’t 99% employees recommending your workplace to others?

6) Why isn’t your organization growing and scaling faster? It easy could be.

And the list goes on…

Lack of trust is the first challenge to solve before hiring, onboarding, innovation, competitiveness, increasing growth, etc. 

Because if each employee doesn’t have a contribution mindset, if they aren’t coming to work and giving their all, and if they don’t deeply care about the people they work with and the customers, the organization is significantly underperforming. 

Stop focusing on the leaf on the tree. Look at the root cause. You are wasting significant money and time. 

Trust is where it all starts and ends.

You don’t have a communication problem. You have a trust problem. Solve it. 

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