Why You Must Put Behaviors Behind Company Values

It’s not enough to just create company values or to post them on social media.  For the values to have any meaning you must educate your employees and teams on what those values look like behaviorally and integrate them into every process – hiring, onboarding, career paths, compensation, etc. 

Unless you put “teeth” behind the behaviors that support and advance they’re just empty “words” on the website. 

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Keynote Speaker at Inside Sales Event in Atlanta

Looking forward to speaking in Atlanta tomorrow on how to build high performing and engaged culture for sales teams. See the sign-up link below at Vonage office w/ MarketSource Inc.. 

We’ll also be discussing how to create great teamwork, resolve conflicts and more effectively communicate. This information can also be used with customers and prospects to close more deals and upsell

This is interactive. Attendees will play Cards Against Mundanity in small groups to experience what it feels like to build deep, trusted relationships in minutes. Everyone will get a PDF version of the game (& you can buy physical card deck). 25,000+ managers and employees are using it. 

Cardsagainstmundanity.com (free pdf version) and physical card deck game (https://www.drivethrucards.com/m/product/272383)

I conducted similar keynote presentations this year at the AA-ISP Executive Leadership Retreat and at several chapters including Dallas, Austin, New York and Raleigh.

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5 Talent Development Challenges for HR in 2019

Here are “5 Talent Development Challenges for HR in 2019.”

I rank creating a high impact culture & upskilling employees in teamwork, communications & listening are areas 90% companies fall short as #1 and #2.

What do you think? What’s at the top of your list?

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How Leaders Create High Performing Cultures & Teams

Podcast interview w/ Jason Treu on why and how leaders must build self-awareness and social awareness if they want to create high performance organizations.

Jason talks about key concepts to understand when it comes to creating a high-performing culture, and what specific actions leaders and organizations can take, regardless of size, to quickly create an extraordinary culture. At the foundation of these concepts and actions are building trust, creating psychological safety, and open communication that strengthens interpersonal relationships. These are just a few of a the topics that we touch on in our discussion, and I can’t recommend this episode to my listeners highly enough! Jason was a great guest and I look forward to connecting with him again soon!


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How Could I Have Done This Twice as Good?

Feedback tip: Instead of asking, “Is this good enough” or “Is this what you wanted?” Flip the script! Ask, “How could I have done this TWICE AS GOOD?”

You enroll others in helping you, get more specific, helpful feedback and you’ll instantly improve. 

You’ll also raise the standards of everyone around you. 

Top 3 Reasons for Employee Attrition in 2019 & Huge Costs

Top 3 Reasons for Employee Attrition in 2019 & Huge Costs

In looking through 2019 1H research studies here the top three drivers of employee attrition: compensation, career development opportunities and people management. Compensation has leaped into the number one position now. That should be very alarming for HR professionals.

HR should put renewed (or additional) focus attention in these areas and have strategic initiatives to deal with them. 

Compensation is tricky. Employees are figuring out their worth and leveraging it to job hop. Organizations are overpaying for talent because they aren’t developing employees, poor employee engagement and experience and people managers don’t have the necessary skills to manage their employees. 

All three of these go hand-in-hand. It’s not hard to see the linkages.

Compensation has vaulted into the number reason employees quit. That shows even less loyalty and engagement because money trumps everything else. That’s not the case for employees who love their jobs. But it is the case for those below that level.

Compensation really isn’t the issue. The above items go back to poor engagement, culture, teamwork, trust, psychological safety and other fundamentals that are broken. These are the real root causes.

It’s why it’s NOT getting better because it’s not being adequately addressed. It’s Ground Hog Day in 2019 like it was in 2018.

The solutions are much less expensive to deal with the root causes versus the leaves on the trees.

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