Changing your Future Story

JumbleThink Podcast Jason Treu Executive Coach Team Building

If you don’t like your current story, it’s not too late to change your future story. Jason Treu tells us how we can create a blueprint for our future.

In today’s episode, we discuss creating a career blueprint, realizing your potential, removing your blindspots, the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, finding happiness and fulfillment, purpose, the social aspects of business, drive versus motivation, and much more.


How We Hold Ourselves Back

In this episode of Quit Bleeping Around®, awesome superachiever, author, and former FBI violent crime analyst and senior manager Christina Eanes interviews superachiever Jason Treu. Jason is an executive coach who works with executives, entrepreneurs, and rising stars to maximize their leadership potential and performance. He is a TEDx speaker where he spoke about a breakthrough team building game, Cards Against Mundanity, as well as the author of Social Wealth, a how-to-guide on building extraordinary business relationships. In this episode, Jason talks about being vulnerable to build quality relationships, how we hold ourselves back, and shares networking secrets.

If you’d like to learn more about Jason, visit his website at

How to Build a High Performing Culture (podcast episode)

cash flow ninja podcast with executive coach jason treu on building a high performing culture

I share on the cash flow ninja podcast how to build a high performing culture in any size company. It’s essentially free and much easier than you think. I give you the exact recipe for you to build it quickly. I’ve built it off of three years of research, listening/observing hundreds of the highest performing teams, interviewing hundreds of people and researching dozens of the Fortune and Forbes Top Workplaces in 2017/2018.


Download Free Jason Treu Podcast Episodes

To improve business performance at least once you should go through the Jason Treu podcast episodes. You can listen simple audio of his podcast. Through this, managers, executives, and entrepreneurs are self-motivated to create their unique identity in the market. His plans will help you to win the challenge. Podcast makes you a better leader, investor, and problem-solver.

#1 Best Podcast to Listen to From 2017

I love top 10 lists. But how many people actually listen to more than one or two. And when I put top 10 lists out I always receive emails that ask me, if I could only listen to one or two, which one would it be.
So here it is. The ONE podcast I would listen to from 2017 out of the 150+ podcasts I listened to.
It is from the only person who is a Navy Seal, Army Special Forces, and Air Force Controller School. He has run the top 10 adventure races in the world. He started off way overweight, and did it to raise money for fallen Navy Seals to send their children to college.
I GUARANTEE you that you will get a TON out of this podcast.
Listen, learn and put it into practice in 2018.
PS: You can download directly (no email required, right to my dropbox) my TEDx team building game I createdCards Against Mundanity. You can play it in groups of 4-12 at work or with your friends. The results are incredible. In 45 minutes, you’ll see results. One company and several groups increased revenue/production by more than 25% in a year due to it. It’s basedonf research on the #1 factor for high performing teams at Google. And also a research study where people built the closest relationship in their life in 45 minutes.

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