Why Your Self-Awareness is Crushing Your Career Success (podcast)

Why Your Lack of Self-Awareness is Crushing Your Career and Business (click the link to listen to the podcast)

Have you ever admired those successful, confident, motivated, and charismatic people who seem to have it all? They’ve climbed the corporate ladder quickly or started a great business.

They’ve made all the right connections. They’ve mastered networking and how to build relationships. They’re very persuasive and created significant influence with people. And…all of this has opened up limitless opportunities for them.

Their secret? They are self-aware.

Jason Treu, executive business coach, joins Adam this week to share some of the tips he picked up working with influential leaders such as Steve Jobs (Apple & Pixar), Reed Hastings (CEO at Netflix), Mark Cuban, Mark Hurd (CEO at HP), and others.


  • What is self-awareness;
  • Why self-awareness is important;
  • The key concept in understanding self-awareness;
  • How people make breakthroughs to change behaviors;
  • And much more!

Are you self-aware? Listen to this show and find out!


In this episode, Tony Richards interviews Jason Treu, Executive Coach and Author of Social Wealth, on the importance of understanding your team members to create a high performing culture in your organization.

Segment 1: Tony Richards discusses the fear of being wrong with producer Bill Foster.

01:00 – Welcome to Better Than Before

03:30 – Fear of Being Wrong

Segment 2: Jason Treu, Executive Coach and Author, joins us as this week’s featured guest.

09:30 – Social Wealth

13:00 – Cards Against Mundanity

20:00 – Creating High-Performance Culture

23:30 – Leadership Blind spots

31:00 – Tony’s Lightning Leadership Questions

Segment 3: Leadership Lesson: How to Get Promoted

35:30 – Manager Response

40:00 – Path to Promotion In any organization, whatever we are doing is about the relationships that we have both internally and externally. The challenge is, people just don’t know how to build these relationships. – @jasontreu…  Click To Tweet

About the Guest

Jason Treu is an executive coach who helps executives, managers, and employees to maximize their leadership and management potential. He provides coaching, workshops, and speaking services. He is the best-selling author of Social Wealth, the how-to-guide on building extraordinary business relationships.

He was a featured speaker at 2017 TEDxWilmington for his talk on, “How to Get CoWorkers to Like Each Other.” His employee engagement and team building game, Cards Against Mundanity, has been played by more than 12000+ employees to increase performance and teamwork.

Tell Your Own Story and Own It (Guest Podcast & Video Interview)

RTG Podcast Discussion

Salespeople Are The Unsung Heroes of the Economy. They are the grease that keeps the wheels spinning. Human resources professionals are the heart and soul of an organization (i.e. the people!!).

(podcast is here, youtube here)

I mean, who else could sell ice to the Eskimos? Get a bunch of people from different backgrounds and worlds to effectively come together and work as a team?

But with the pressures they face and the breakneck schedules they work with day-in-day-out, how do they take the time to slow down and find meaning in their endeavors?

Jason Treu tells his own story in this video.

Jason Treu’s biography:

Jason Treu (Troy) is a coach who works with executives, entrepreneurs and rising stars to maximize their leadership potential and performance. He also helps them build and execute their career blueprint. He’s the best-selling author of Social Wealth, a how-to-guide on building extraordinary business relationships, which has sold more than 60,000 copies. He hosts the podcast show, Executive Breakthroughs, bringing game-changing CEOs, entrepreneurs, and experts that share their breakthroughs and breakdowns. Jason talks about being self-aware and how important this is to be successful. He talks and provides examples of people who ruined it for themselves by not being able to adjust and work on themselves. Jason gives advice on how to overcome your flaws and be better at life. This is a great Podcast to get some life coaching in and get an insight into Jason and Stefan’s look on life.

Podcast Summary:

0:00 – Ex: “A really good quote” or A very interesting topic

1:25 – “how did you get started in what you do?”

2:25 – Jason created a company to help people socialize

4:00 – “how does a guy have a good social life these days?”

6:45 – self-awareness is the most underrated quality

9:00 – no one is being accountable these days for personal actions

10:00 – as a kid you learn to deal with things a certain way which become worse as you get older but subconsciously you do it

17:50 – Stefan talks about his date where she accused him of not being from the high school he said

19:45 – “imposter syndrome” Jason explains what this is

22:15 – Stefan talks about how people, as you get more successful cant, relate to each other

23:40 – “when do you think a person goes from illegitimate to legitimate

26:05 – people don’t like to sell cause they have to face rejection

27:30 – Stefan asks Jason about his book

Get Connected with Jason:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/JasonTreuExecutiveCoaching/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/jasontreu

Website – https://jasontreu.com/

Instagram  – https://www.instagram.com/jasontreu/

Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/c/jasontreu

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasontreu

Stay Tuned for the Brand New Season 2 of “Executive Breakthrough Podcast”

Season 2 of Executive Breakthroughs is in progress. It’s exciting. You can catch up on Season 1 here.

I had a strategy for Season 1 and it just took too long and it was too difficult to produce on an on-going basis. I wanted it to be an in-person audio/video interview where I interviewed game-changing professionals all over the US. It seemed like a great idea in my head and when I spoke to people, but the execution of it became overwhelming.

It took me a while, but now I’m going to be audio-only and focus on it not being perfect in everywhere.

Like life, it’s a learning process.

Here is what you will be in store for….

What is the Executive Breakthroughs Podcast?

It’s where high-performing executives, entrepreneurs, and rising stars, just like you, come to learn from their business heroes on how to make your unique mark on the world, maximize leadership and performance, create a culture of rockstar talent (i.e. be an expert team builder), become a great manager, and more. HINT: It takes more than bean bag chairs, a waffle bar, and all those perks on “Silicon Valley.”

We’ll talk visionary leadership, bold entrepreneurship, building epic teams and winning management styles. Wild creativity paired with disciplined productivity and great teamwork. Embracing fear, and stamping out impostor syndrome and limiting beliefs. Tiny missteps, and epic misfires. Mistakes you can skip, and strategies you can steal. (Because stealing pens and Post-it notes is for amateurs.)

This show will make you a better leader, manager, team builder, investor and — most important — a better thinker and problem-solver.

Executive Breakthroughs Podcast will teach you to:

  • Build the highest performing & most engaged teams to significantly increase your bottom line (i.e. you’ll become a team building expert!)
  • Identify & dissolve your hidden (& unconscious) patterns that are sabotaging your success (i.e. blindspots), and replace them with a new game-changing mindset and self-awareness
  • Maximize your leadership potential & performance, & find your unique superpowers to become the best version of yourself
  • New managers will learn strategies, best practices & tools to increase their effectiveness
  • Human resources professionals will learn how to maximize employee engagement and experience, resolve and mediate conflicts, create “world class” employee onboarding & new hire processes, deal with difficult employees, & much more.
  • Sales leaders will learn how to build the highest performing sales teams, skyrocket trust and rapport with customers & podcasts, more successfully manage others, work across the organization with other groups much better, & much more.
  • Master relationship building (and business networking) with reborn confidence, authenticity & charisma to create valuable social capital

HR Works Podcast: I Share How to Build Great Teams, Mistakes Leaders Make & Much More

On the HR Works Podcast we discuss how leaders can successfully step into vulnerability, how to build high performing teams and how to skyrocket employee engagement quickly. 

“With organizations losing unbelievable amounts of money to poor employee engagement, I always wonder what stops leaders from properly addressing this problem. In this episode of HR Works, we find a critical ingredient to successful leadership and employee engagement: vulnerability.”

We also discuss how to use my free team building game, CardsAgainstMundanity.com, that more than 20,000+ employees are using to skyrocket trust, engagement, teamwork and performance. 

This episode’s guest is Jason Treu, an executive coach who helps executives, managers, and employees to maximize their leadership and management abilities and perform at the highest levels. He provides coaching, workshops, keynote speaking, and other training services.

Jason also has “in the trenches experience” helping build a billion-dollar company and working with many Fortune 100 companies. He spent 15+ years working in marketing leadership positions in Silicon Valley working with influential leaders such as Steve Jobs (Apple & Pixar), Reed Hastings (CEO at Netflix), Mark Cuban, Mark Hurd (CEO at HP), Paul Wahl (President of SAP), and many others.

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Building Extraordinary Relationships by Changing the Way We Live with Jason Treu (Guest Podcast Interview)

Jason Hartman talks with Jason Treu, author of Social Wealth: How to Build Extraordinary Relationships by Transforming the Way We Live, Love, Lead and Network. The two discuss ways that you can improve your social worth, expanding your network by focusing on others rather than on your own self.

The two look into the potential power of mastermind groups or just informal get-togethers, as well as why you should never let your network become stagnant. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Key Takeaways:

[1:29] The basic concept of social wealth

[4:38] The one downside to paying to be in the right room with experts

[8:01] Deep self-awareness is crucial to building relationships with other people

When you start looking around the room or thinking about other things, people notice and can tell you don’t care” Click to tweet

[10:22] The building blocks of building relationships are rapport, likability, and trust

The quickest way to build trust with someone is to show you care

[13:47] The easiest way to build likability

[16:59] Your network should always be growing because over time some relationships will become less helpful

If you lead with giving you put yourself in rarified air” Click to tweet

[20:46] A very informal get together can generate huge returns to your social wealth




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