Wireless ear buds are incredibly useful and a business essential item. The challenge is what to get? Well, I’ve spent countless hours using them and talking to dozens of users. Here is your review guide to choose between AirPods Pro, AirPods V2 and Powerbeats Pro.

AirPods V2:

  • Stay in ear well even during exercise. Some people do have issues so you have to try them out. They can cause problems staying in when you sweat a lot (ie summer time exercise).
  • Can hear ambient noise around you, which can be helpful in some situations and not in others
  • Smallest battery case (and men benefit from that because they put it in their pockets in many instances instead of a purse or backpack).
  • Battery life is the lowest. You have to keep the case around to charge. It’s inconvenient if you have a lot of calls back-to-back. You have to keep the wired headphones around.

AirPods Pro:

  • Active noice cancellation works great. It also has transparency mode to hear around you. It’s a great to have both options. BUT some people only use noise cancelation on planes or in the office and they prefer the over-the-ear noise cancelation headphones (and they are better in ANC than Pro).
  • Stay in ear better than V2, but some people complain about the silicon tips. They claim they can hear they own “heart beat” and/or a weird pressure. Some people hear an echo in their ear when they talk to someone. I’ve spoken to a few people who ride and they claim the wind affects the sound.
  • Sound better, both bass and treble. It’s not as big a gap as between Powerbeats Pro and V2.
  • Better Bluetooth connection. I found them to connect quicker and easier.
  • Bigger case causes issues just like Powerbeats Pro. They don’t fit in your pocket well so people have to leave them at home or put them in a bag. The challenge is their battery life isn’t as good as Powerbeats Pro.
  • $250 price tag is steep.

Powerbeats Pro:

  • Sound the best of the three. It’s made for music.
  • Case is huge. That’s a problem. I have to put them in my backpack or I have a smaller case I bring with me. It’s annoying.
  • Battery life is insane. I’ll get 5-6 or more hours of calls. I can get 9-10 hours of music. It’s a major advantage. I can go al day on 1 charge.
  • Calls sound great. Never had an issue. Some people claim wind is a challenge versus AirPods Pro. I didn’t find this to be true.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is just as good. AirPods Pro switches between devices slightly better.
  • Doesn’t have noise cancellation. They have noise isolation. It’s not the same, but I found it to be very good.
  • Never fall out…ever. They are the best for sports and activities. They’ve handled pouring down rain and worked right through it. Sweat is no issue. Although the one thing I liked about the AirPods is I could hear the environment around me better then the Beats. I have to remember to look around me when I run.
  • Some people complained they didn’t like fit in their ear and discomfort over longer periods of time. Sometimes I do have to take one out to hear someone talking (ie placing an order for coffee).
  • Like having buttons on the side of the earpods too versus just Siri.
  • $250 price tag is steep.


For most people, AirPod Pros will be the best bet. I love the Powerbeats Pro. It’s my go-to earbuds. The V2 is definitely in third place. It’s not a bad bet for a Christmas gift for a teenager or someone college bound.

I do think that anyone should test them out and see how they work. There are challenges with each and I’ve found everyone has a slightly different experience (and uses).

Couple other reviews to check out that will give you more insights into what to do.



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