Customer returns are a big deal with more than 48% of shoppers returning a holiday purchase and shoppers with a poor return experience are three times LESS LIKELY to shop with that merchant ever again. So it makes sense to have an extended window for holiday return. But I found that many smaller to medium-sized retailers don’t have an extended window. That’s very surprising.

As I was shopping for gifts for my new wife, our two children and others, was how many retailers had a 14-day to 30-day return policy. In my search, I went through more than 50+ small-to-medium-sized retailers who didn’t have one. I immediately didn’t buy anything from me and I wouldn’t go back for holiday shopping in the future.

This was even more frustrating for shopping for clothing or shoes. I couldn’t take advantage of all the holiday deals and I had to wait until I was in a window to return after the holidays.

One retailer that had a good holiday window was Jimmy Choo.

You’d think this would be a “no-brain” policy. It’s a simple part of the customer experience. Well, you’d be wrong.

It’s the little things that get overlooked that cause the biggest issues. As a shopper, I don’t need a fancy website. But I do need a return policy that works!

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